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Leather Cleaning & Protection Geelong

Drytex™ uses a 3 stage process to clean & protect your leather:

Step 1 - Leather Cleaner

Drytex uses a Leather Cleaner that is a natural water based cleaner designed to remove surface grime and in-grained dirt without leaving any residue.  Free from any harsh detergents or solvents, our Leather Cleaner will not damage or discolour finished leather surfaces.

Step 2 - Leather Conditioner

Our Leather Conditioner is a natural water based emulsified nourisher made from a range of quality moisturising ingredients. Free from any petrochemical oils or waxes, our leather conditioner contains natural lanolin extracted from wool fibres. Thi lanolin, combined with the special blend of natural oils and conditioners, helps restore and condition leather without any greasy or oily residue.

Step 3 - Leather Protection

We then apply a Leather Protector that is a water based protectant, blended from a range of durable resins. It is designed to help protect leather from soiling, staining and normal wear and tear by providing a sealant over the leathersurface. Used on new or pre-cleaned leather, our Leather Protector locks in natural moisture, particularly after conditioning the surface with our Leather Conditioner. Add lustre to your leather and ensure that future cleaning and maintenance is easier!

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